San Diego County doesn’t get much rain, but El Nino promises to drench us this Fall and Winter to make up for a dry year. Roads in a dry climate are much more dangerous when it finally does rain due to the build up of oils on the road that aren’t regularly washed away throughout the year. In order to keep your car and passengers safe, remember these handy tips to be prepared.

Replace wiper blades well before the rain comes to keep peak visibility.

Check tire pressure and tread to make sure you maintain grip while driving on wet roads or navigating around hazards. Premature wear can also be an indicator of worn suspension components and steering components.

Have your brakes inspected at every oil change to make sure your brakes are in great working order. Land Rovers typically need new brake pads every 40,000 miles depending on driving style.

Don’t put off preventative maintenance. Standing by the side of the road in the rain is not only a real drag but can be very dangerous in rainy weather.

Winter weather temperatures are mild in San Diego but windshield defrost only works when your air conditioning is working properly.

British Autoworks can help you be prepared for the rainy season and keep you out of the shop for more serious repairs in the long run.

For more tips on how to drive safely in the rain, read this article by Edmunds, “Tips and Tricks For Driving in Rain.”

About the Author: Peter Campbell

Peter is an experienced automotive technician with hands-on experience in diagnostics, repair, and service. He graduated from the Universal Technical Institute with a focus on automotive technology and has earned various automotive certifications.