Today a customer called and asked if I could update the software for his LR3 Navigation. This is a easy thing to do, so I sent him an email with the instructions. Since this is a simple update, I figured I would write a post with instructions.

As you can see from the photo above, your Land Rover LR3 (and Range Rover Sport) navigation computer is located under the driver’s seat. A Range Rover has the same navigation computer but is located in the rear load space on the left hand (driver’s side). Inside the navigation computer is a DVD disc with all the map data. This DVD is produced by a company called NAVTEQ. Land Rover and NAVTEQ have teamed up to create a great website for ordering the lastest DVD for your Land Rover.

Here is the link- “Land Rover Navigation Update Website“.

Click on the above link and pick your model Land Rover. Choose which year. Some years are DVD disc updates while others are updated via a USB drive. Unfortunately for a few unlucky owners (LR4 & RR Sport 2010 to 2011, Range Rover 2010 to 2012) a software update must be performed by the local dealership or independent with programming capabilities. The LR3 Navigation update is done via a new DVD. Order the DVD. With the new DVD in hand, move your driver seat forward and up. Look under the seat and you will see the navigation computer shown in the photo. Slide the button to unlock, eject the old DVD. Install the new DVD and slide the button to lock and you are done.

If your vehicle requires a USB drive, I would make sure you follow each step outline in the instruction guide. I do not have a copy of the instructions to share. I recommend letting a professional perform the USB software update unless you are a fairly technical individual. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns related to this Land Rover Navigation update procedure.

About the Author: Peter Campbell

Peter is an experienced automotive technician with hands-on experience in diagnostics, repair, and service. He graduated from the Universal Technical Institute with a focus on automotive technology and has earned various automotive certifications.