I can’t stand it when my Land Rover does not start. This is such a frustrating and rare experience. Even though my Discovery starts 99.99% of the time, the one time my Disco doesn’t start is when I am at the grocery store parking lot. I just spent a few hundred dollars on food for the week and I am watching them warm up in the summer heat.

Full disclosure, I do not owner a Land Rover Discovery currently. However, I am sure you can see the frustration in this story. Generally, Land Rover Discovery’s do NOT have a known problem with starting regularly. I would even go as far to say most owners won’t experience their Land Rover Discovery 2 not starting. For that rare occasion, please refer to this page.

Land Rover Discovery 2 crank sensor connected to engine harness. Photo by British Autoworks.

Land Rover Discovery 2 Crank Sensor connected to Engine Harness.

Before you attempt to perform any repairs related to your crank sensor, make sure your Land Rover Discovery’s battery is fully charged and in excellent condition. When your engine does not start, your battery does not have the alternator (generator) for recharging. This will lead to a weak battery in about 15 minutes. Connect a battery charger to protect your battery from multiple starting attempts.

Now you’re ready to check your Land Rover for spark, but how do you do that? This is where Land Rover service experience comes into play. I do not recommend the average Land Rover owner to attempt this diagnosis. First, remove a spark plug wire from any spark plug and I would go for cylinder #2. This is the easier spark plug wire to access for removal. Second, disconnect the wire from the spark plug and have a friend try to start the engine. You should hear a sparking sound and sometimes can see the spark from the loose wire. If you have spark, then your crank sensor is good. If spark is NOT present, I am willing to bet your crank sensor is to blame. This is some advance automotive diagnosis and should be perform by someone with technical skills and equipment.

Engine Harness connector for Land Rover Discovery Series 2.

Engine harness connector for Land Rover Discovery Series 2 Crankshaft sensor.

Here you can see where your crank sensor connects. This connector is difficult to find and reach in your car. I would recommend installation from underneath your Discovery. This is not easy without a vehicle lift but is the most efficient way I have found. If you do find a spark and the vehicle battery is good, you may want to move on to checking fuel pressure and engine compression. Leave me a comment or call us with any questions at British Autoworks, 858-263-1694. I hope this helps you with addressing your Land Rover Discovery 2 not starting.

About the Author: Peter Campbell

Peter is an experienced automotive technician with hands-on experience in diagnostics, repair, and service. He graduated from the Universal Technical Institute with a focus on automotive technology and has earned various automotive certifications.