Here at British Autoworks, we use only the best equipment to perform a Jaguar Land Rover software update. Each diagnostic tool shown above allows us to reconfigure, reprogram, code, flash and update 99% of all control units for Jaguars and Land Rovers. Majority of the Jaguars and Land Rovers produced before 1996 do not need any software updates, even when control unit replacement is needed. The few control units needed programming relate to the security systems and need factory equipment to delivery the software. The good news we have this equipment & software combined with the knowledge and experience.

Factory Level Diagnostic Tools

The factory diagnostic equipment for Land Rover starts with the T4 made by Omnitec. This equipment is still available but in extremely limited quantities. Since Omnitec has stopped producing tools for Land Rover in 2005, all the cables and special connectors have gone up in price. However, this has not stopped us at British Autoworks. We have T4, the equipment and software, to go all the way back the 1987.

Autologic & SDD for late model programming

These next two tools are the latest and greatest in Jaguar and Land Rover diagnostics. SDD & Autologic can do almost everything and each have pros and cons. This is why we stepped and invested in both. Each provide access to factory software updates and programming of ALL control units 2005 and newer. Yes, ALL. From programming air suspension control units, to the body control units or interior fuse box of the Range Rover Sport, we have you covered. Access to this software insures the most accurate diagnosis for any repair. When new software is produced by Jaguar Land Rover, these tools automatically update and download for our use. Vehicles sold today can come into British Autoworks for any personalization setting changes.

Did you know your Jaguar or Land Rover also has personalization settings? Starting in 2003 with the Range Rover, you can adjust the door lock setting, exterior lamp settings and exterior mirror settings. On vehicles 2005 and newer, you can even update the vehicle configuration files. For example, you may have a problem with a rear view camera. We can setup the configuration so the vehicle does not think a rear camera is installed. This can also be helpful with bluetooth telephone hardware & software problems, especially on the 2006 to 2009 Range Rover.

More advance updates to the Air Suspension are also an option. We can raise and lower your Range Rover with a tape measure and software. How cool is that! Thinking about off-roading your Range Rover this weekend? Raise the suspension and install your off road wheel and tires. How about a night on the town? We can lower your Range Rover for your ideal look with the latest 22 inch wheel and low profile tire.

Read about a suspension lift on a LR4 with software.

Don’t hesitate to call us for further information on software related questions and concerns.

About the Author: Peter Campbell

Peter is an experienced automotive technician with hands-on experience in diagnostics, repair, and service. He graduated from the Universal Technical Institute with a focus on automotive technology and has earned various automotive certifications.